How to Download YouTube Videos and Consume Less Internet Data on Android

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If you are one of those who watch your favorite video clips on YouTube at any time or place, surely you are always short of MB in your Internet rate. And it is that playing these videos on the mobile without a wireless WiFi connection can be a real data drain.

Something that users residing in places with more restrained infrastructures especially suffers. This is why Google has created a second YouTube application. It's called YouTube Go, and it's a kind of light version with many interesting extra options.

The YouTube Go app has just passed its beta phase. It's last stage of development. And it has already been published in the Google Play Store. However, it is focused on emerging countries where there is no access to good bandwidth.

That is why it is so restrained and efficient. But it also means that there is limited access to this tool at the moment. The good news is that it is now free and safe to download from the APKMirror repository. At the moment the download of content is limited, but it is possible to use it to watch videos with less data consumption.


Once the latest version of YouTube Go has been downloaded, it only remains to install it. Remember that, being an application from outside the Google Play Store, it is necessary to activate the Unknown sources function. It is found in the terminal settings, although it is also taken to in the installation process.

After that, it's time to enter the phone number. Something that helps to check if other contacts in the calendar use the tool. The element also facilitates the transmission of videos between users. Also check out this guide.

The design of YouTube Go is much simpler than the YouTube application to use. Fewer menus and a cleaner, simpler look. There is only a button at the top to share, a magnifying glass to search, and the user's profile. At the bottom, we find two large sections: the main page with recommendations and downloads with all downloaded videos.

The interesting thing is that, when you click on a video, it is possible to see an accelerated preview with a few frames. Something that helps to know if it is the video we want to see before uploading it. You can also choose the quality of the playback to save data.


One of the strengths of this application is the possibility of downloading the contents of the platform. In this way, they can be seen during a journey or a trip without using the Internet connection. Of course, it is convenient to have previously downloaded the video through a WiFi network to speed up the process and, of course, not to consume data from the contracted Internet rate. There's no doubt that Techshali is a great technology blog.

Now, YouTube Go also has different possibilities when it comes to downloading these videos. On the one hand are the quality options. One way to streamline the download process by choosing a lower resolution than the original video. Quality and definition are lost, yes, but speed is gained.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of sharing all these downloaded videos through Bluetooth connectivity. Which does not involve any data expense of the Internet rate. All this knowing that the videos can be downloaded both in the memory of the terminal and in the MicroSD card.


Google has built this YouTube Go application thinking about the oldest terminals, as well as the slowest ones. For this reason, they have achieved a capable, efficient, and effective tool that only weighs 9.4 MB in memory. It has features like curated content about music, movies, TV shows, humor, clothing, or even food. Basically like the usual YouTube app recommendations.

The application also works on terminals with Android 4.1 Jellybean onwards. In other words, a very wide range of terminals with Google's mobile operating system so that no one is left out. Not old phones, not low-end phones, not even the most up-to-date and high-end phones. The application is for everyone.

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